Whats the difference between Keto ice and Keto Fire?

Whats the difference between Keto ice and Keto Fire?

Which one is best for me?

How do I use them together?

Which one is more suited to what I need?

These are just a few of the questions we get asked on a daily basis about the Keto Ice and Keto Fire, so let’s take a look at them both to compare!

BOTH have L-Carnitine, why?

It is one of the most researched products in the industry, with proven studies that show its role in helping burn fat. It is best-known function in the body, is as a facilitator for the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria for oxidation. Not only that, because it has another function which is its role in maintaining high-intensity exercise, by helping to minimize lactic acid build-up during high-intensity exercises such as bodybuilding and crossfit. Having this ingredient is a necessity for any weight loss products, which is why we have to keep in both Keto Ice and Keto Fire. You can also find L-Carnitine in Amrap for the purpose of the same benefits.

Will they both put me in Ketosis?

NO, this is one of the key focus points to bring attention to. 

We originally released Keto Ice, during the hype of Raspberry Ketones, so the term KETO was based on the Raspberry Ketones. Raspberry ketone contains a substance that is very similar to synephrine. Synephrine is often marketed as a powerful weight loss support supplement and as raspberry ketone resembles synephrine, it has been suggested that it may help support a similar weight-loss effect. It's also natural and may help your weight-loss progression without the harsh side effects of synthetic diet compounds.

Keto Fire, WILL put you in Ketosis, and this is all down to the BHB Salts. The main benefit of BHB is that they raise the level of ketones in your blood, which means that you are getting more energy, you are improving your cognitive function & speeding up that fat burning process, making it an amazing addition to your supplement stash no matter what type of training you do. Using BHB products improve your metabolic efficiency by making your body choose the best fuel, that burns more efficiently for a longer period of time, decreasing the amount of fuel your body needs while exercising. This happens when glucose (carbs) isn't available and ketones become the focus source. Research shows that athletes performances were at an all-time high when ketone levels were at their peak. Again, for most people their goal is about losing weight and staying lean, people try to go on low carb diets, fasting or The Keto dietwhich became popular due to improved cognitive functions, all while trying to burn fat and get lean, but now there is the option of using Keto Fire, with the BHB and MCT it helps, by improving cognitive functions, from the increase of Ketone levels it can help to suppress your appetite, burn some body fat and keep that all-important cognitive function.

Do they both contain stimulants?

No! We wanted to provide customers with the option of having stimulants or not for the weight loss products. Weight loss products in the past in the industry have generally been extremely highly stimulated giving people the idea, the crazy alertness and energy is causing fat to burn but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, high doses of stims can be negative in achieving your goals as they can suppress the adrenal gland and cause water retention. Keto Fire contains 150mg of Caffeine per serving, just enough to boost you mentally and get you going, but not enough to have any negative impact on the body. Keto Ice is stim free utilizing natural energy only from the body’s fat burning process, the perfect all day product, whether it is morning, noon or night, Keto ice can be consumed!

This is all great, but it doesn’t answer which one is best for me?

This is the hardest question for us to answer, as we do not always know your goals or lifestyles. However, the easiest way to decide which one to use, or even if you can use both is simple, do you want stimulants or not? The major difference in them is the caffeine. If you want the boost and pick up, then got for the Fire, if you want something you can drink all day without worrying about being awake all night, take the Ice. 

How do I use them together?

Using them together is something we always recommend as they compliment each other and give you double the fat burning time. When using both, consume the Keto Fire in the morning or even Pre-workout (unless it is after 6pm so you are not awake all night). Use the Keto Ice in the afternoon or in the evening so your body has the fat burning tools working through the night. By always having fatty acids transported around your body from the L-Carnitine, you are not only burning fat continually but also enhancing recovery. This is due to its ability to stimulate the body's response to insulin which replenishes cellular glycogen. It has also been shown to enhance muscle repair and the cellular remodelling that accompanies new muscle tissue. Research has also indicated that L-carnitine plays a role in boosting the testosterone receptors and enhancing N.O production. 

Looking to shed some quarantine pounds? Hopefully this helps make your decision, and to help you along your weight loss journey, use this exclusive code to save 30% on both Keto Ice and Keto Fire!





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